Meet the 2017 YALLWEST Ambassadors!

Liv B.

Spends a lot of time making collages and reading about reading books.

Emma B.

Is a Ravenclaw and a friend to all dogs!

Ava B.

Really loves reading and wants to be a journalist. Favorite doughnut flavor is maple.

Amalea B.

When her brother and she were younger they memorized all the words to the song TiK ToK.

(She doesn’t remember all the words now though)

Claudia B.

Writing her own book

Grace B.

Is on the slam poetry team at my school!

Ruby B.

Has just started writing a book!

Her teachers regularly confiscate books from her and all her friends, call her a book nerd.

Glazed and sprinkle donuts are the best!

Lauren C.

Plays the clarinet!

Esmeralda C.

Favorite TV show is Grimm!

Sydney C.

Has watched every Harry Potter movie and read every book at least 10 times each.

Clara D.

Can speak French

Alyssa D.

Loves to crochet!!

Taylor D.

Uses a video editing program called Final Cut Pro X and make fun videos with friends to class presentations!

Ananya D.

Favorite donut? Glazed Donuts!

Samantha D.

Has auditioned for Teen Jeopardy! Also, her favorite donut flavor is maple.

Katrina D.

Has an extensive rock collection.

Simone E.

Loves watching Netflix .

Mariana F.

Prefers chocolate donuts.

Varya F.

Loves art .

Casey F.

Reads really fast. Not sure if they’re an actual speed reader, but their record is five books in one day.

Crystal F.

Likes to read

Samuel F.

Thinks those bacon donuts we brought to a YALLWEST meeting were not that bad.

And spends far too many hours on Reddit scrolling through memes.

Taylor G.

Is a disney nerd

Coco G.

Read 64 books in 2018 and really likes movies

Jane H.

Glazed donut fan.

Jordan H.

Speaks fluent French!

Paisley K.

Speaks fluent French

Scarlett K.

Started a club at our school with her friend Alyssa called milk and bookies after the foundation that closed down and is organizing a book donation this school semester.

Favorite donut flavor is vanilla bean from Randy's, butter and salt from Side Car donuts, and apple fritters (they are both the best donut stores).

Katie L.

Doesn’t like strawberries, but I likes them in smoothies

Rachel L.

Loves to write; whether it’s writing music or stories or journaling, it’s her passion.

Would love to be a novelist someday.

Grace L.

Just wrote 2 plays and is working on a third one as well as the second draft of an audio drama. (Is only eloquent on paper, she promises.)

Nora M.

On favorite donut flavor: “Hmm, probably just regular glazed! :)”

Dakota M.

Loves to read about ancient history

Annie M.

Likes chocolate flavored donuts.

Amelia M.

Favorite animal is a hedgehog!

Quinn N.

Fuzzy socks occupy a significant portion of her closet!

Sabrina N.

Favorite donut flavor is chocolate :)

Maya N.

Gotta go for that jelly donut.

Had a lot of fun at YALLWEST for the last couple of years, and being a teen ambassador was fun, so she’s excited to do it again!

Ella N.

Has a cute doggy that is fluffy and also pretty dumb, but they still love him!!

Sophia O.

Hates any treat or pastry (etc) with peppermint or mint mixed with chocolate.

On a more positive note, has been reading books (higher than my grade) since she was 8 .

Lily P.

Has double jointed fingers!

Marinka P.

Used to own over 150 books before they moved.

(Favorite donut flavor is the simple glazed)

Annie P.

Can solve a Rubikz Cube.

Sophie R.

When she was eight, she moved to England for two and a half years

Anya R.

Loves dogs.

Ella R.

Plays soccer.

Zoe S.

Enjoys listening to violin covers while she reads, and is pretty sure at this point she has coffee running through my veins.

Hope S.

Writes music!

Clara S.

Has a pet gecko and coincidentally, just as she was writing this he jumped on her mom and she screamed VERY loudly.

Eva S.

Is an equestrian vaulter.

Camille S.

Loves to write (and has written 2 manuscripts) and is working on her 3rd!

Sara S.

Does not know a fun fact about themselves.

Victoria T.

Speaks German and loves to read in both German and English

Elisa-Belle T.

Loves to help others.

Sydney W.

No comment.

Vera W.

Owns far too many ill-fitting musical theatre T-shirts.

Charley Z.

Enjoys art and is currently writing a comic.