Meet the 2017 YALLWEST Ambassadors!

Vera Abrams

Has been to the hidden air vent lounge at Pixar Studios! Signed the wall.

Sidney Bae

Likes to play tennis and golf.

Lexie Bae

Loves their little dog Elvis.

Darcy Bass

Is a competitive gymnast, and loves writing. Currently writing a book, but hasn't gotten the far yet.

Sofia Behnam

Plays the violin and piano.

Omari Benjamin

Trombone player & chocolate glaze donut fan!

Zoe Bennett

Loves to write!

Ava Chapman

Used to be obsessed with cloning. 

Sydney Chung

Has unhealthy obsessions with fictional characters...

Audrey Chung


Devon Davila

Favorite donut flavor is glazed. 

Clara De Goldsmith

Really loves glazed donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

Fallon Dern

Free-writes on free time. The longest story they've written was 205 pages. 

Favorite donut flavor is the maple-bacon donut from Birdies in downtown L.A.

Samantha Eng

A swimmer and likes to draw and read in free time

Luca Flores

Is an airplane geek. Ask him any question about airplanes, you got the answer, but he also like plain glazed donuts.

Sarah Fuchs

Love foxes and owls, basically any woodland animal.

Samuel Fuchs

Only condition for attending our meetings is that there are glazed donuts there too.

Isabella Gilchrist

Loves all types of books (that's what made her want to sign up), but specifically loves non-fiction books about how our brains work and also dabbles in learning about the FBI. Although, that doesn't mean they don't love reading fictional books as well.

Melissa Glover

Loves books that involve a character that is struggling with their mental health. 

Coco Goran

Is writing a book!

Orla Goran

Fosters 2 elephants at a wildlife refuge in Kenya and fave donut is chocolate glaze!

Liliana Gutierrez

Chocolate donut fan.

Spencer Herb

Loves Hamburgers, Double Double. Just Meat and the cheese. Is a burger Purist. 

Jordan Hickey

Has a bookstagram and blog!

Samantha Ho

Loves anime and friends more than donuts

Becca Hochman

Is overly enthusiastic about their AP Euro class. :)

Leah Jackson

In a rock band, but  also does the school musical every year.

Mattie Johnston

No comment.

Sabrina Josephson

Along with reading and writing, also loves to sing. 

Yoshimi Kimura

Favorite subjects are math, science, and reading/English.

Katie Lee

Likes to play classical guitar. Favorite donuts are glazed. 

William Li

Likes to play sports and is good at math.

Emma Lohr

Loves slime and satisfying videos.

Grace Lyde

Currently working on an open letter to the President Elect. 

Genevieve Marino

Is a gryffindor.

Daphne Moss

Can play the flute. 

Quinn Neubert

Has seen Stranger Things 11 times, because irony.

Lana Neulander

Speaks German.

Lily Richman

Can recite every word of HAMILTON.

Zoe Sarinas

Patronus is a fox. 

Ysabel Sarinas

Is an aspiring journalist and  writes (and serves as editor of the geek section of) an online magazine named Mimp Mag in spare time.

Favorite donut flavor is hazelnut. Tried it once and it changed their life. 

Zia Saylor

Enjoys growing carnivorous plants.

Petra Schaaf-Grisham

Does cosplay in free time

Hope Schaaf

Loves music and art

Abby Semenick

Likes dogs

Camillle Simkin

Loves to foster kittens and help them find a home!

Joshua Simkin

Likes to skate competitively

Sascha Tappan

Loves basketball

Stefani Tovar

Loves waterfalls and rainbows

Leo Viscomi

Biggest British TV nerd in the Los Angeles area

Keshara West

Read 327 books over the summer in a reading contest. 

Charley Zinn

Favorite type of animation is Japanese anime.